Eva walks toward Michoune while he's working on a Super Mario level. Eva says: "So, you're having fun with Mario Maker?" Michoune replies: "Yeah! When I was younger, I spent a lot of time imagining levels I would make for each Mario games, and now I can share these with the world!" Eva says: "That's great! So I guess you have some idea for your level?" Michoune answers: "Well, you see........"
Published 2016-05-08


Originally uploaded 2015-09-13

Super Mario Maker! A game where you can create Super Mario Bros levels, then publish them on the Internet for everyone to see. On one side, people gets to judge your works. On the other side, you get to judge other people's levels and find out you're not too bad.

To think I had fun creating levels on lined sheets of paper... sadly I didn't keep these sheets, I could have tested them for real.


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