Michoune holds a New Nintendo 3ds within his hands, with the ending screen for Xenoblade Chronicles 3d. He keeps looking at the screen, and he finally exclaims: "Jumanji... No, wait, wrong game..."
Published 2016-05-08


Originally uploaded 2015-09-03

So... After an unexpected two-month break (I swear!), I intend to get back to doing comic strips!

The main reason I took a break is the game Xenoblade Chronicles 3d. 130 hours total playing this game, withing four months... I've spend a few evening exclusively playing this game just so I could finish this...

The game is worth playing, though. It's a bit on the long side, but it's fun.

Do I need to explain Jumanji? A nearly unending game where you get to scream 'Jumanji' when you finally get to the end... I though it was appropriate. :)


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