Michoune stand in front of his computer, while Eva is reading a book while on the couch. Michoune says: "There's people doing better doodles than I do completed artwork. I'm a bit jealous..." Eva replies: "Why wouldn't you try inspiring yourself from them? Do something similar..." Michoune stops and thinks about it, then adds: "Would you kindly refrain yourself from using logics, please?"
Published 2016-05-08


Originally uploaded 2015-06-08

Well well.. That will teach me to try using a different artstyle. I spent more time on this strip than any other, and I didn't even get the result I wished for.. I need to find more time so I can practice more in different style.

I was inspired by this post on Kotaku talking about Splatoon's fanart. I can say this is a good game. :p


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