Michoune is holding a broom, apparently doing some cleaning. Eva comes in and says: "Hey, so you decided to do some cleaning?" Michoune replies: "Yup! The dishes' been washed, the clothes has been hung out to dry..." Eva says to herself: "That's weird..." Michoune continues: "I mowed the lawn, watered the garden, put on my summer tires..." Eva points toward Michoune and asks: "Did you work on your webcomic?" Michoune, going as if he didn't hear the question, exclaims: "Look at that nice drawing I did!"
Published 2016-05-22


What, me, procrastinate? I'd never do such a thing!

I wanted to complete this strip sooner, but in the end, I spent my time elsewhere... I though it was appropriate.

(You can look at my Daisy drawing here!)


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