Michoune is sleeping in his bed, and his cell phone is vibrating under his pillow. He gets his phone and answers: "...Hello?" "Hello! It's your mom! I just wanted to tell you I'm going for a small road trip for the day. I'll see you later!" "Alright. Later!" Michoune hangs up the phone and stays in bed. His cell phone vibrate again, and he answers: "...Hello?" "Hi, it's your sis'. Say, could you go with mom at the emergency?" "...You're kidding me." "I'm not..."
Published 2016-05-12


Honestly, there was a mere five-minutes interval between both calls.

I know I can't complaint, after all, I'm not the one who got hurt on Mother's day, but my mom. Still, what a way to get awaken.

'But what happened?' Well, not much. My mom called to say she was going for a ride, she went outside, and she slipped on the stairs because of the ice.

She didn't break anything, but she did get hurt to the shoulder.

What a bad gift for Mother's day. I'm thinking about talking to God about a refund...


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