There is a blue screen of death: "Your computer has detected an error and shutted down to stop any additional problems. FATAL_ERROR_I_HATE_BLUE. Here are details describing the problem: HAHAHALOLNOPE:P. Please contact your technician so he can repair your computer..." Eva looks at the blue screen: "That's not a good omen... What do we do now?" Michoune replies: "We do what we can. We get the computer open in safe mode and test." The computer goes "Sblet" and throws a dice on the table. "What was that?", asks Eva. Michoune looks at the dice and says: "The computer rolled a critical fail. In a fail-free mode."
Published 2016-05-10


Originally uploaded 2016-05-02

Damned computer problems... It worked well, then suddenly, it started doing fatal error constantly, without much apparent reason.

In short, I spent most of my evening trying to find a solution, without success. The good news is that I could still get it open for some time before crashing.

My solution was pretty simple: I got myself a new laptop, and I transfered all my data on it. It wasn't cheap, but I needed to do it. After all, this is my tool for my job!

That said, I should watch my tablet, in case it starts getting blue screens like that.... :s

(And with all that, I finally uploaded every one strips I had done until now! Woot!)


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