Michoune sleeps in his bed. Neko, one of Michoune's cat, gets on him and finds herself a spot to lay asleep, until Michoune move in his sleep. Neko goes down the bed, then get back up so she can tap on Michoune's nose.
Published 2016-05-10


Originally uploaded 2016-04-21

Those who have pets certainly knows the feeling of being awaken by them, and we ends up learning their morning routine.

I have two cats: Baka and Neko. Baka usually sleeps on a pillow besides the bed, while Neko gets on the bed and make herself at ease as close to me as possible.

When morning comes, Baka sometime goes on the bed, walking besides the pillows and going under the sheets, rubbing herself on me until she finds a spot and starts sleeping. It usually happens no more than once a week.

Neko, though, ends up laying herself on me almost every morning. She ends up switching places, until she ends up lightly tapping my nose, waiting for me to wake up. Maybe she thinks I'm waking up too late...


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