1st week: Michoune puts his Wii Balance Board in place. "The important part is that I make myself a routine and stick to it..." 2nd week: Michoune is working out with his Balance Board. "The truth is, it's pretty fun!" 3rd week: Michoune is standing on the board. "Isn't it a bit too easy?" 4th week: Michoune lays on the couch, sick. "Bleargh... Damned cold..." 5th week: Michoune is sitting besides his board. "What did you do to make me so afraid of you?"
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2016-04-13

The week's count is not exact, but it doesn't matter much. This is pretty much what happened recently.

The hard part with exercices is to start taking times every days for it. Once the routine is set, it's pretty simple to continue all the same... until the day your routine is broken. After that, you need to restart anew...

Well, enough complaining. I need to get back to it.


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