Michoune talks: "Last week I did not make a strip. It bother me as much as you, but I can explain..." He picks a photo of him, visibly sick. "What happened is that I got the flu. Pale face, the surrounding of my eyes was darkened... I was tired the whole time. ...though it doesn't matter now. I wanted to repay myself by giving you all a picture of a cute animal... ...a panda!" There is a drawing of a panda lying on a rock, visibly sick. "...huh? 'Why a panda?' No particular reason..."
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2016-04-06

It truly saddens me that I couldn't upload a strip last week, but as said, I had the flu and lacked the energy for such a thing.

Enjoy it while it last, I don't draw pandas often! FYI, I based my drawing on this photo.


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