Michoune comes into the apartment, apparently drunk. He says: "Yooooooooooooooo..." Eva replies: "You're coming home late... So, was your evening any good?" Michoune answers: "Yeaaaaaaah! You should'ave seen me... I danced like this, and I swang my hips like that..." As he shows his dance, there is a censor bar hiding him from our view. Eva, so angry that fire bursts behind here, holding a hammer in her hands, shouts: "How dare you swing your hips better than I do?!" Michoune adds: "Not again..."
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2016-03-23

I find it funny to be told that girls are jealous of the way I can swing my hips. What can I say :p

Let's take a few moments to thanks the Centre Informatique de l'Abitibi for censoring Michoune's sensual dance, otherwise our world would have fallen.


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