Kathleen stands beside Michoune, which holds a camera in his hands. Kathleen says: "I'm glad you accepted to take some shots while I train!" Michoune replies: "The pleasure's mine! I love pole fitness! It looks like a magic trick! For a moment, it looks like you're cheating gravity..." At this moment, Kathleen is standing on the pole, as if she was walking upward. She says: "What's gravy-tea?"
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2016-03-10

Let's welcome Kathleen, from Pole Fitness Amos!

I had the opportunity to take a few shots of her trainings, and the photos are beautiful! Give it a look!

I'm personnally impressed by what she's able to do on a pole. It seems like gravity doesn't affect her at all!

For my part, I have a hard time sticking to the pole. My hands get wet almost instantly, and I proceed to slip down to the ground. There -might- be something about me lacking strength in my arms, too. :/


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