Michoune holds his tablet in one hand, the stylus in the other hand. On the screen, it is written: "Do you want to upgrade to Windows 10?" There's three options: "Yes", "Of course" and "Pretty please". Michoune exclaims: "I don't need it, and it doesn't even work well for what I need..." and goes back to drawing. Another box pops up: "Free update! Over a bajillion satisfied customer!" Michoune complains: "I don't care! They could keep my family hostage and I still would not upgrade!" A third box pops up: "We're holding your family as hostage. Upgrade to Windows 10 or you'll never see them again." Michoune says: "...shit."
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2016-02-25

Windows 10, huh. A free update, apparently so much better than any other version of Windows that they're constantly asking us to upgrade, bothering their customers when they're working on their computer.

I can almost understand Microsoft's willingness to push their latest OS on as many machine as possible, but their marketting strategy is toxic at best.

After all, I own a Surface Pro, a machine officially made by Microsoft, and Windows 10 caused so many problems I didn't have with Windows 8.1. My main concern is that Manga Studio constantly crashed down mere minutes after opening.

Thanks, but no thanks. My tablet work well as it is, and I don't mind not upgrading to the latest OS if it means I can still use my tablet as I intended.


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