A man stands behind a stall, with a few cookies standing on a plate besides him. It's written "Free" near the cookies. The man talks: "Down with the algo! Facebook is evil!" Michoune goes toward the stands, asking: "What's the matter?" Michoune takes a cookie. The man replies: "I want to give my cookies away to my fans, but some of them did not see my offer! Facebook should have shown it to every fans, for sure!" Michoune adds: "Maybe some of your fans have diabetes? Michoune then takes a bite out of the cookie.
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2016-02-18

I've seen lately a comic strip where the author complains about Facebook' algorithm. Looking back, I found out he did this strip over a year ago, so I don't know if he still thinks the same, but then it is still his pinned tweet on Twitter, so.

« Waaah, Facebook isn't showing my post to every single fans I have. Twitter doesn't use an algorithm judging my posts, so Twitter is much better than Facebook. Follow me on Twitter! »

On one side, Twitter does have an algorithm, it's just much simpler because it only show posts in inverted chronological order (newest post first. Since Twitter has been talking about tweeking its algo, this is worth talking about). On another side, that Twitter shows posts in this order does not stops it from not showing up to a fan (for exemple, if your fan is not online when you post).

To conclude this, from my own personnal experience, Facebook is much more efficient in showing my posts to my fans than any other social media. There's usually more people reached for a post than I do have fans! Things could change and I'll still be posting on every media I can, but as it is now, my love goes to Facebook.

(No offence to Dave Kellett, I love his webcomic! You should go check it out! [Sheldon] )


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