Michoune complains: "Darned decaf..." Eva, standing besides him, asks: "What's the problem?" Michoune: "I'm trying to lower my coffee consumption by drinking decaf, but it's not.... It's not..." He seems drowsy. Eva: "Yeah?" Michoune starts sleeping beside her, barely standing: "Snooooooooooooooreeeeeeeeeee...." Eva: "Oh."
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2016-02-10

Ahhh, coffee. Can't live without it, can't live with a thousand cup's worth of coffee in the body at all time, and trying to find out the delicate balance between these two extreme is pretty hard.

In an attempt to get in better shape, I tried to lower my coffee consumption by switching to decaf. As it is now, I feel like I could sleep all day long, but I still need to get up...

I tested hand-drawn text and computer-typed text, and I'm not sure which one is better. Hand-drawn is more personnal, but it is much more readable when typed. Which do you prefer?


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