Michoune sits in front of his computer. On screen are these words: "Increase your visibility on Facebook, make a drawing of lots!" Michoune thinks: "This could be fun... ...but I got nothing to give. ..... Unless..." Some times later, Eva goes on the computer, she types "facebook.com" then enter. She suddenly seems embarrassed. She turns around and shouts: "Michoune! You can't give your body like that!!!" On screen, there is a picture of Michoune, standing nearly nude, with the word "Contest!" written.
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2016-02-04

Why not make a contest? It seems to be a good way to get new fans, although the product offered needs to be in relation with the job made...

The idea comes from a discution I had with my mother. I really wish I had something better to give than my own body...


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