Eva is on the computer: "Did you see? Today is Bell's 'Let's Talk Day'! Michoune replies: "Pfff... Some nice publicity... They make their clients pay for their services and reinvest a small part of their profit in donations, they appear to be good samaritan, make their marketing on people in need's back, and continue making money, especially since donations are tax deductible..." Eva replies back: "This is a good thing isn't it? What would you suggest?" and Michoune says: "That they lower their prices and that they let their clients do their own donations..."
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2016-01-27, on Bell's 'Let's talk' day

Today (2016-01-27) is 'Bell's Let's talk' day. Given how the message is everywhere on every social media, I guess their publicity stunt worked well!

That said, it is easy to criticize a giant like Bell, but it's nice of them to give money away for a good cause like that. The fact that the publicity got shared that much only makes it better for everyone!

And so I don't talk through my hat, I went and made a donation to the Red Cross foundation. I feel like I should be an example for what I claim, even though they're not exactly doing the same thing :p

(Besides, with the wildfire that happened at Fort McMurray, the Red Cross foundation is in need of donation. If you have some spare changes you could give, think about making a donation! Every penny helps!)

In unrelated news, I installed Windows 10 on my tablet this weekend. The only good point I could give it is that it was easy reverting back to the previous version. In twenty minutes, Manga Studio had already froze three times, not including other minor downsides. Erf...


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