The moon is back to its place in the sky. Dawn of a new day. Eva and Michoune stands on top of the apartment block. Eva asks: "What happened? Did you do something?" Michoune answers: "I did nothing... I couldn't do anything... But there's some sort of elf in green clothes that came, went on the moon... ...and then Poof! The moon went back to its place, as if nothing happened!" Eva looks toward the moon, and says: "I don't really understand, but so long as nothing bad occured... ...hey, I almost forgot..." Michoune: "Yeah?" Eva: "Merry Christmas, Michoune!" Michoune looks a bit surprised, then says:" Pfff... Merry Christmas, Eva!"
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2015-12-25, on Christmas day

Fifth page of a five-page miniserie.

All's well that ends well, after all. :)


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