Michoune is wearing a Trundle mask and a replica of the Monado in his hand. "Mua ha ha! I'm so strong!" Eva walks toward him: "Could you please take a break?" Michoune: "Oh! Hi, Eva!" Eva continues: "Didn't you have something planned today? Something like, you know, working on your webcomic?" Michoune replies: "Do I have to work on it right now? I'm having fun..." Eva adds: "You should work on your strip first, you'll have all the fun you want afterward." Michoune removes his mask: "Yeah yeah, alright..."
Published 2016-05-08


Originally uploaded 2015-05-19

Sometime I find it hard to take the time to work on a comic strip instead of doing one of the many things I always want to do. It's usually a question of motivation. It is hard to start working on a strip when you're not sure the result will be any good...


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