Michoune goes outside wearing a coat, and it's raining lightly. Michoune says: "It's raining... I won't let a little rain like that stop me from walking..." Then the rain suddenly gets much worse, and Michoune's hair are soaked. "My 3Ds' still dry in my pocket... As I was saying, just a little rain."
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2015-11-07

I got the habits of walking to get back to work after diner. When I got out yesterday, the rains was light, but the more I walked, the more the rain gained in strength. As such, when I got back to work, I was completely soaked and I had to dry myself. It was a bit unpleasant.

To think that my uncle asked me if I wanted to get on board of his car, and I declined the offer...

On the bright side, I learned that rain drops aren't all the same, and smaller drops tends to stay outside the coat and falls on the ground, unlike bigger drops that soaks the coat. Yay?

Anyway, it's not like it was a big storm yesterday (fr), isn't it?


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