Michoune and Eva goes in a Costume-a-thon and looks for costumes. Eva stops in front of a few costumes and notices that women's costume are sexy versions of men's costume. She exclaims: "What if I don't want a sexy costume?" Michoune, out of frame, replies: "Pick one on the Men's side... There's nothing stopping you, right?" He appears in frame, wearing a costume that is a mix of Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura.
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2015-10-30

Merry Halloween, everyone!

I don't exactly know why, but halloween costumes for women tends to show more skins than men's costumes, with few exeptions. Men's firefighter costume, for example, can usually be found in either the complete kit or the 'sexy firefighter's string' kit.

That's good for women who wants sexy costumes, but what about those who don't? Prude costumes for women are harder to find nowadays...

In the end, why not pick a men's costume in this case? As long as the costume fits, its job is to allow you to play a role, so why refrain yourself from playing the role of another gender?

That goes for men too. Why couldn't you have fun too? :)

(No, I won't dress myself as Sailor Moon. Sorry for breaking your dreams.)

(PS: Toilet paper rolls are there for the Mummy costume. The feminine version is only three sheets, but we can't see them.)


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