Eva sits on the couch, playing on the Wii U. She talks: "Say... It's been a while since last time you've made a level, doesn't it?" Michoune stand in front of his computer: "Pffff.... I wasn't inspired to make one. Without checkpoints or a true Boss system, there isn't much to do..." He looks at an article he clicked on: "Players find a way to include checkpoints and Boss fights in their Mario Maker levels". Michoune then says: "Gimme the controller"
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2015-10-22

I read this article this week that claimed that a certain level, made by a player, had a password system that could double as checkpoints, and Boss fight that needed to be defeated before you can go forth. Two systems I thought were impossible before seeing this level.

I'll need to find some free time for Mario Maker, there's suddenly a lot of things I want to try...

[obviously, between then and now, Nintendo added checkpoints and boss fights, so it's a bit pointless to use the level's complex system. Still, the level is incredible.]


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