Michoune stands in front of his computer. Eva comes in the room with a grocery bag. Michoune complains: "Why is nobody liking my artwork?" Eva asks: "What's wrong?" Michoune replies: "It's just that I've spent hours on this, and nobody seems to notice it... It is a bit frustrating..." Eva then asks: "And when did you publish it?" Michoune answers: "Oh... It's not published yet. I wanted to get people's opinion before..." Eva says: "I got bad news for you..."
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2015-10-07

What? Since when do we need to show our artwork to other people before they get to give us comments and critics? Tssss...

Related to the previous page, with the inversed problem : believing our works will be popular by the virtue of existing. I might have exagerated it in the strip, but I did often publish artworks on DeviantArt and waiting patiently for some comments, perhaps a fave or two.

Did I take the time to get it in front of my friends? Heeem... no, not really. In fact, I almost never talked about them.

It tooks me a few years to understand, but I'm finally ready to get my works in front of people.

Even if it means getting banned from the Internet. :p


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