Michoune is typing frenetically on his computer. He then pauses, looks at the screen, then sigh. "I spent hours on this, but should I publish it? What would I do if people doesn't like it?" He takes the time to think. "I'll publish it anyway. Those who doesn't like it can go to--" A few moments after publishing, Michoune gets an email. "Gee, that was quick!" He reads the email: "Michoune, We're writing you this to inform you that in view of your last publication, we decided to ban you from the Internet. Please accept our deepest feelings, good luck with your future projects, ..." Michoune then goes all "nyoro~n" on us.
Published 2016-05-09


Originally uploaded 2015-09-30

Sometime it happens: I get an idea, works hours on it to give it form, and when it is nearly completed, I decide to scrap it.

It allows me to get much needed practice, and nobody can judge my work! It's perfect! Almost!

The truth is, it's a pretty bad idea. Nowadays, I prefer publishing my stuff online. If my work is truly bad, at least, people get to tell me so and I get much needed criticism.

I hope you know about Nyoro~n? A meme that apparently started in 2007... Darn, it's pretty old :x


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