Michoune plays Super Mario Maker on the Wii U. "Darn! My level's pretty hard to complete..." Matthelius appears and says: "Ha! Way too easy! You should try mine, it is impossible!" Michoune replies: "Yeah, right! I'll play your level and I'm going to play it through, no matter how many Mario it takes!" Matthelius adds: "Good luck!" In the meantime, Mario stands between a lot of fireballs, hammers trown, spinies and bob-ombs, crying.
Published 2016-05-08


Originally uploaded 2015-09-20

A second strip about Super Mario Maker!

The game has been our for a week, and what I notice is that there is some sort of rivalry within our group to create hard levels and publish them for others to then try going through them. Because the level's creator needs to get through the level before he can uploads it, there's a strong motivation to get through them.

The other thing I noticed is that popular levels tend to be completely dominated by auto-completable levels, where you don't need to touch the controller to get to the end. While they're fun the first time you see them, I don't like having no other choice than those...

You have the game and you wish to try our levels? Here's the codes:

Did you get through them?


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