Eva, an anthropomorphic fox, waves her hand at us. "Hello friends!", she says, "I'm pretty happy to finally appear in a webcomic! It took a while, but now we're ready to start!" An off-case voice replies: "Yeah... Talkin' 'bout dat, how come it took so long?" Another off-case voice, coming from Michoune, says: "Gimme the Monado! The troll king shall change the future!" Eva, with a disapointed look on her face, adds: "Video games..."
Published 2016-05-05


Originally uploaded 2015-05-09

And so we start with a semi-autobiographical serie!

I have to say video games aren't really the reason why it usually takes a while before I do something, but... they sure don't help.

For those interested, the Monado comes from Xenoblade Chronicles and the troll king is Trundle, from League of Legend.


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